If you are a reseller, technician, or installer of time attendance devices, you understand the importance of providing high-quality and reliable devices to your customers. These devices are an essential part of managing employee attendance for many companies. In this article, we will discuss tips for choosing the best devices to sell or install to help you provide the best products and services to your clients.

Look for reputable brands

When it comes to time attendance devices, it is crucial to choose a reputable brand. Brands with a good reputation have a track record of producing high-quality devices that are reliable and accurate. By choosing a reputable brand, you are providing your customers with a device they can trust, which can lead to repeat business and referrals. Luckily, ZKTeco focuses on providing latest technologies that are reliable and effective for the end user.

Consider the type of device

There are several types of devices available, including fingerprint, RFID card, and facial recognition devices and more. As a reseller, technician, or installer, it is essential to consider the type of device your customers need. For instance, if your customer is concerned about hygiene and safety, a visible light device like the SpeedFace V5L may be the best option.

Ensure compatibility with software

The time attendance device you choose should be compatible with the software used by your customer. This will ensure that the device can easily integrate with their existing system, making the process of managing employee attendance seamless and efficient. It is essential to verify compatibility before making a purchase or installing a device. ZKTeco time attendance devices are compatible with our ZKBioTime Software and also compatible with payroll softwares for employee management.

Look for additional features

Some time attendance devices come with additional features such as scheduling, leave management, and reporting capabilities or functioning for both attendance and access control. These features can provide added benefits to your customers and increase the value of the device. By offering devices with additional features such as the SpeedFace V5L, you are providing your customers with a comprehensive solution that can meet their needs.

Consider ease of use

The device you choose should be easy to use and maintain for both employees and administrators. As a reseller, technician, or installer, it is essential to provide devices that can be easily configured and managed, reducing the need for additional support.

Check for warranty and support

When purchasing or installing time attendance devices, it is crucial to check for warranty and support options. A warranty can provide peace of mind to your customers, knowing that the device is covered if anything goes wrong. Support options, such as phone or email support, can also be helpful in resolving any issues that may arise.

In conclusion, choosing the best time attendance device to sell or install requires careful consideration of the brand, type of device, compatibility, additional features, ease of use, and warranty and support options. By providing high-quality and reliable devices, you can build a strong reputation as a trusted reseller, technician, or installer in the industry. Talk to us today for the best performing biometric devices in the market and exclusive technical support.

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