Comet Series

The Comet Series by ZKTeco is an innovative multi-credential speed gate featuring a sleek, transparent design that fits seamlessly into corporate settings. Available in single-lane and double wings versions, these gates combine advanced functionality with a lightweight yet robust chassis made of distinctive cast aluminum alloy. They offer customizable ambient lighting with 7 RGB colours and are designed for easy installation. The Comet Series revolutionizes facial recognition with eight undercount options and an ultra-wide-angle lens, ensuring optimal performance for individuals of varying heights, including children and seniors with wheelchairs. The series supports biometric, RFID, and QR code options, and offers flexible lane combinations and diverse material choices to meet specific requirements. Security is enhanced with locked positions, clutch engagement, and automatic barrier opening in emergencies.

Features of Comet Series

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1 Or 2*7" ISP touch monitor (under mount facial recognition version only)

Barrier Movement type


Movement Speed

0.8s per movement(open./Close timing)


DC brushless motor

power supply

110V / 220V AC @ 50Hz to 60Hz

Noise Level

Less than 60dB

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