Intelligent Commerce

ZKTeco Intelligent Commerce revolutionizes the way businesses operate and engage with customers. Our comprehensive suite of tools and technologies enables seamless merging of online and offline operations, creating a personalized shopping experience. From smart point-of-sale systems to integrated e-commerce platforms, ZKTeco Intelligent Commerce optimizes operations and drives customer satisfaction. Discover the power of ZKTeco Intelligent Commerce today and unlock your business’s potential. Click Here to Buy.

ZKTeco East Africa is a subsidiary of ZKTeco Co. Ltd. that operates in the East African region. We biometric and security solutions to customers in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan. We offers a wide range of products, including time and attendance systems, access control systems, entrance control systems, smart locks, and video surveillance systems. These products are designed to provide accurate and secure identification and authentication solutions to various industries, including government, finance, healthcare, education, and retail.ZKTECO CO., LTD. (ZKTeco) (301330: CN Shenzhen Stock Exchange) is an internationally renowned enterprise which specializes in pioneering biometric recognition techniques, and provides products and solutions of smart entrance management, smart identity authentication and smart office. ZKTeco offers services on all fronts to public-service, enterprise-level and personal users.