ZKBio CVAccess

ZKBio CVAccess is a lightweight web-based security platform  that utilizes hybrid biometric technology and computer vision technology.  

It is designed to support most ZKTeco Hardware and offers a  wide range of features to meet the management needs of small  to medium-sized businesses: Personnel Management, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Smart Video Surveillance, System Management.

Demo Link: 

Username: admin

Password: Admin123

Access Control

  • Person Access Level Control.
  • Standard Anti-passback, Interlock, Linkage functions.
  • Supports ZKTeco’s access control terminals: SpeedFace Series / InBio Series / C3 Series / SF Series / LF Series etc.
  • Automatic alarm notification.
  • Door status real-time monitoring.
  • Intuitive control on E-map.
  • Supports expansion board for more applications. 

Time & Attendance

  • Flexible shift scheduling.
  • Set attendance by area or by different person.
  • Web-based attendance module suitable for multiple locations.
  • Multiple reports for attendance statistics and support for customized reports.
  • Automatic attendance report email to administrator

Smart Video Surveillance

  • Up to 64 channels preview and 16 channels real-time playback simultaneously.
  • Basic video management features such as real-time preview, PTZ control, video playback, and TV Wall, E-map.
  • Video analytics alarm noti cations such as behavioural analysis, situation analysis based on human & vehicle targets intelligent via multiple video analytic features such as target counting, line crossing, area intrusion detection, etc.
  • Alarm linkage actions (capture/record/PTZ/pop-up prompts).
  • Video patrol helps security guards to increase situational awareness and patrol performance. The software can keep the entire patrol records.
  • The watermark function protects and prevents users photos and data from being copied and reused without permission.
  • Supports video intercom: After the device initiates the ringing, the host interface in the LAN will automatically pop up the intercom window to complete the operations such as answering, hanging up, and opening the door.