In an era where technology is constantly evolving, biometrics has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of security and access control. Recently, ZKTeco, a global leader in biometric solutions, joined forces with Royal Link Technologies to host a biometrics technology workshop at the Serena Hotels in Nairobi, Kenya. This event aimed to introduce attendees to a wide range of cutting-edge products and solutions that harness the power of biometrics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform the way we interact with security and technology.

ZKTeco Event

The ZKTeco and Royal Link Technologies workshop was an exciting showcase of innovative products and solutions. Attendees had the opportunity to explore ZKTeco’s extensive product line, which includes time attendance and access control biometrics, smart entrance control and security inspection systems, and smart home security products such as intelligent locks. These solutions not only enhance security but also streamline access management for organizations and homeowners. Moreover, the event highlighted ZKTeco’s venture into the world of IoT with products, demonstrating the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

One of the key highlights of the workshop was ZKTeco’s Video Surveillance products, equipped with smart AI functions. These advanced surveillance systems offer features such as human and vehicle motion detection, target counting, line crossing detection, object left detection, and intrusion alarm. The integration of AI technology not only improves security but also enables proactive response to potential threats.

Apart from the biometric and IoT solutions, ZKTeco also exhibited its main product line, which includes access control and time attendance systems, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, smart parking systems, and CCTV products. This diverse array of offerings caters to a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, from education to healthcare, and from commercial enterprises to residential properties.

As a token of appreciation for attendees’ participation, the event featured exciting giveaways, allowing some lucky winners to take home state-of-the-art smart home security products. This added a touch of excitement and engagement to an already enriching experience.

In conclusion, the ZKTeco and Royal Link Technologies biotechnology workshop at Serena Hotels in Nairobi was a significant step towards introducing cutting-edge biometric and IoT solutions to the Kenyan market. As technology continues to shape the way we interact with the world, ZKTeco’s commitment to innovation ensures that we are well-prepared to embrace the future securely and intelligently. With a diverse range of products and solutions, ZKTeco is paving the way for a safer, smarter, and more connected future.

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  1. I actually attended the workshop, it was so informative…….Notable highlights surveillance system and smart home security. I took with me a smart switch gift.

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